Creating New Ways For Mental Health Support with Daniel Pourasghar and - TEp38

Hello - Hello, Everyone!

The day came to talk about the new project I am working on to help reach more people and end Mental Illness stigma! As of April 3, 2018, I will be hosting Campfire's new Fireside Chat, an education and outreach show on FB Live. 

For this show, I had a chance to interview Daniel Pourasghar about his background, what his platform is all about, after which we opened it to the chat to ask all kinds of other questions. is a start-up, dedicated to helping people gain easy access to support for Mental Illnesses and other isolating issues we face in our lives, by hosting small group sessions with a mediator for 90 mins each, at a low cost ($10-20 a month).

To check out Campfire, learn more about and RSVP to Fireside Chat, read up on Daniel's journey on Medium, or my decision to join (also on Medium) click on the links in-line. Be sure to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions, either in the comments below or on any social media you normally use to catch up with me. You can also go directly to the CampFire Facebook and Twitter pages if you prefer.

Campfire is searching for new hosts, so if you want to help lead a support group (5-10 ppl) you can sign up here!

I am really nervous but extremely excited to expand my format further and get to chat with you more. Not only are we going to #bethelight now, but we will also #ThriveTogether

I Love You All So Much For Helping Me Find This Opportunity To Keep the Conversation Going and Beat The Stigma

With Warmest Regards,