Twitch S15-16 What Mental Illnesses Do Star Wars Characters Have And Does Fiction Help Our Mental Health?

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This week we talked about things that are a bit lighter than our usual topics, but important none-the-less--Star Wars (and other Sci-Fi).

For our Star Wars discussion, I checked out what more qualified nerds have said over the years about our beloved characters. Not only have they been fully diagnosed, but those diagnoses were then used as a complex way to explain certain disorders to future med students.

Check out the full talk to learn what other viewers thought of the diagnoses and the short version if you want to simply learn who has what affliction. 

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We couldn't even begin to do so without discussing Carl Jung first,  because the above concept is basically his idea. Hope you read up and enjoy!
Info on who is Carl Jung


Then, on Sunday, we kept the chat going by learning more about Science Fiction and the escapism it provides. We started by talking about Dungeons and Dragons, including a very special case study. Pat joined us again and talked about how video games have helped him improve his own mental health.


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